Family Law


Child Custody

Negotiating a child sharing plan is one of the more difficult things to deal with during a divorce.  Throughout this emotional process, you should be assisted by someone who will put the best interests of the child first.  I can help you throughout this process.  If you currently have a parenting plan in place but would like to make changes, I also help parents find solutions that often lead to greater time sharing.

Child Support

While both parents bear the responsibility of financially supporting their children, the courts will look at the time each parent shares with their children when making child support orders.  And though parents are free to enter into an agreement of their own, in the event of a disagreement, courts will rely on a State guideline amount.  The guideline amount is determined by using a mathematical formula which takes into account the time share and income of both parents.

Division of Assets

California is a community property State.  Anything earned or acquired during the marriage (with certain exceptions) can be considered community property, which the court will divide equally between the parties.  If you or your spouse have acquired significant wealth and/or property, or you have incurred large debt during your marriage, it is important that you are properly counseled as to how the court may assign rights and responsibilities to each party

Spousal Support

In addition to assets and debts, it is also important to know your rights regarding payment or receipt of spousal support.  The courts will make spousal support awards depending upon the income of both parties, the length of the marriage, and many other factors.