Probation Department – Work Furlough

Posted by on Jul 8, 2015 in Blog

Recently I had a client say he heard about the Work Furlough program, and he was wondering what it was? would it be a good fit for him? did he qualify?  So here is a little blurb on the subject:

The Work Furlough (“WF”) Facility houses both male and female county inmates.  WF is a sentencing alternative for judges that allow an inmate to maintain employment whilst serving a custody commitment.

While the San Diego County Probation Department does not use WF to detain adults waiting for trial of serving jail commitments, a participant in the WF program are allowed to check out of the facility to go to work; returning to the facility each day as soon as the workday is completed.

Inmates are also allowed to attend school, religious services, and programs, such as SB38, First Conviction Program, Anger Managements and other court-ordered counseling.  AA/NA meetings are offered weekly on-site at the WF facility.  Additionally, an inmate’s family and friends are allowed to visit on the weekends at the facility.

Each defendant sentenced for custody to the WF program will have his/her case reviewed on an individual basis for approval by the Probation Department’s WF Oversight Unit.  Defendants who pose a danger to the community or do not meet employment standards will not be accepted into the program.

Inmates must be able to legally work in the United States, and be gainfully employed at least 35 hours per week in an occupation that allows on-site job checks and telephone checks by WF staff.  Moreover, the job cannot be directly related to the instant offense, involve the use of weapons, involve access to another’s personal information, and be located in San Diego County.

Operated by Correctional Alternatives Incorporated (“CAI”), under contract with the County of San Diego, the facility is located at 551 South 35th Street, San Diego, CA 92113.

Each inmate is responsible for a program fee of $42.00 a day.  It is recommended that an inmate bring a $300 down payment on or before the day he/she reports to the WF program.

If you would like more information, or if you have a specific case and would like to know if you qualify, call me for an evaluation at 619-822-7332. or